A window to the open sea and an irresistible calling for frequent carefree escapes - twelve months a year...

The "Oasis Resort" open its doors to all those who seek a residential complex with the maximum of comforts and today's most atmosphere.
In these pine-clad holls of the dandelion Peloponnesian shore and extending to the Saronic Sea, more than 2500 years, ago, enchoed Solon`s acclamations of thank to the gods of Olympus "health is found here". Why; Living after recommendation, for a whole year as a hermit in this area with its magical climate, low humidity, air filtered oxygen - due to the pines - and the pzone of the calm windless crystall clear sea, was cured, as if by miracle, from the deadly disease of tuberculosis. The climate is more "dry" and definitely milder, as compared to that of Athens.
In one word, it could be said that it qualifies for " one of the ideal in the country".
Indeed, the temperature does not fall below 10 °C during the winter period, whilst one enjoys a "natural air conditioning" during the summer months.

On this coast, only an hour away from Athens and from the new international airport without need of ferries or domestic flights which. We decided to build the first Greek resort complex which can compete with the most famous complexes worldwide, such as those in Florida, the Caribbean, Sardinia, Spain and Portugal High quality is featuring both the conception and its materialization. Seven among the most attractive spots in the area have been selected, in order to extened their hospitality to an equal number of two - story and three - story "Maisonnetes".

38 maisonettes (64, 80, 91, 102, 117, 126 m²) with their huge verandas - terrraces (not balconies) which in many cases double the size of the interior, must be convinced that thesy will enjoy every comfort.

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